Happy news. It has long been known that Nepal has some fantastic trail runners that are world class, but they lack opportunities to compete. Travelling out of Nepal to race is simply expensive.

Enter our hero Matt Moroz and China Mountain Trails.

Matt first came to Nepal for the Mustang Trail Race. There he met Mira Rai in just her second trail race. There after he put together a training programme for her, and coached her through four amazing MSIG series races in Hong Kong from October 2014 to February 2015 – read about supporting Mira Rai in this post. Lantau was the training base, and while back in Nepal, Mira received training programmes for him. Mira Rai loved it there, the running community was super supportive, and she learned a huge amount about competitive running.

Now Matt is Race Director of the China Mountain Trails trail running series. Here’s the location of one of his races below.


Looks awesome!

matt moroz mira rai

Matt and Mira at a finish in Hong Kong.

So the good news is that China Mountain Trails through Matt is keen to continue helping support Nepali runners. Mira did so well in and after Hong Kong and Matt knows that there are other runners with potential just waiting for an opportunity.

So, for the Kathmandu Ultra on January 2nd, China Mountain Trails is giving the first male and female in the 50km and 80km categories will be able to race in China in 2016.

It’s such a privilege to support Nepali trail races and runners in this way. After running in Nepal and working closely with some of Nepal’s finest, we feel blessed to be able to offer these prizes. It’ll be so exciting to welcome 4 great Nepali runners to our races in 2016. – Matt Moroz, Race Director, China Mountain Trails

Thanks a lot Matt, Sandy and team. This is a fantastic opportunity for four young athletes.

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