26th October – 7th November 2012

This first edition, or « zéro » as the organisers call it, is another innovation from Bruno Poirier and team, though much shorter than other races being a single 100 km race only. Basically it is the reverse of the Annapurna Basecamp Trek – the course goes from Annapurna Base Camp (4,130 m) to Pokhara (820 m). The course has 1,200 m of ascent, 5500 m of decent (I think it should be 4,500 m decent?).

There is also a local race-only possibility and the price includes:

  • 1st-11 : Machhapuchare Base Camp (MBC 3,700 m). Accommodation and dinner at MBC. (join the trail) Supervision of medical and trail bag.
  • 2nd-11 : Machhapuchare BC to Annapurna Base Camp (by foot 1 h 30). MBC and the food and lodging in Pokhara.
    Annapurna Mountain Ultra Start. Annapurna BC (4150 m) – Phewa Lake in Pokhara (820 m).Sunrise: 3 h. Link out: 3 h 45. Ultra Start: 6 pm 30.
    Checkpoint Chhomrong (2,010 m), Naya Pul (1340 m), Landrung (1610 m), Australian Camp Dhampus (2,050 m), Khare (1,590 m), Naudanda (1457 m), Sarangkot (1592 m), Phewa Tal (770 m), Pokhara Phewa Tal (770 m).
    The finish line is touching the lake water opposite the Varahi Temple.
  • 3rd-11 : Pokhara. Or end of the Annapurna Mountain Ultra Trail: Australian Camp – Pokhara. Gala Dinner and Awards Distribution Evening. And lodging in Pokhara (one night).

France->Nepal package costs

€1999 from Paris to Paris., €1100 without the flight. For residents of Nepal, please enquire about race only fee via Bruno.Poirier@ouest-france.fr.

There will be prize money for Nepalese runners (15 first men and 5 first women).

Open to walkers (they will have carriers for their bags during the acclimatization trek- contrary to the runners -and the way back.).

Promo video

Route map


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The race involves a trek to the start in 5 stages (+6000 m, -3000 m) going via Poon Hill. Slow runners can break the run into two days of 75 km and 25 km.

More information can be found here:


Annapurna Ultra Mountain 2012 Programme PDF Download.

Annapurna Ultra-Mountain 2012 (26 octobre – 7 novembre 2012)

L’édition « zéro » de cette course d’un jour aura lieu le 3 novembre 2012, entre le Camp de Base des Annapurnas (4.130 m) et le Lac Phewa à Pokhara (820 m). Au programme : 100 km (+1.200 m, – 5500 m). L’AUM va s’inscrire dans un séjour de 13 jours au Népal (26 octobre – 7 novembre 2012), période des vacances scolaires de la Toussaint. La course sera précédée d’une marche d’approche et d’acclimatation de cinq étapes (120 km, + 6000 m, – 3000 m) avec un passage à Poon Hill (3.194 m). Cet ultra-mountain se fera en semi-autonomie et avec un portage léger. Cette nouvelle course himalayenne sera à la portée de tous puisque les moins rapides auront la possibilité de fractionner leur effort sur deux jours. Annapurna BC – Dhampus (75 km, + 1000 m, – 4.500 m) et Dhampus – Pokhara (25 km, + 200 m, – 1000 m). Cette accessibilité sur une « course aventure » sera également financière, avec un prix à moins de 2000 euros, (vols internationaux inclus).

  1. Angela Lopes says:

    C´est un défi que j´aimerai réaliser, mais je suis une touriste de la course à pied, je ne sais pas si cela s´adapte car je ne sais pas ce que vous entendez para moins rapide

  2. Beth brown says:

    I am coming over from the states for 3 months during the time of this run. I am an ultra runner, running the Leadville 100 tomorrow. I would like to participate in this event. What is the lowest cost or entry fee only? I saw a package of 1700$ US, what does that include. Thank you, Beth Brown


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