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Some friends were running the Helambu circuit recently, climbing out of Kathmandu Valley at 6.30 am, running northwards towards the mountains, and into Langtang National Park, before heading east to Helambu, or Hyolmo.

Helambu / Hyolmo is a beyul, one of 108 sacred Himalayan valleys that are places of peace and refuge revered by Tibetan Buddhists. On their way down, purely by chance, they came across a marathon organiser! Tshering is organising this marathon to raise funds to support the Yangrima Boarding School of which Tshering is the PE teacher and boarders’ warden. It’s also to promote the development of sport in schools Helambu region.

Tshering incidentally came 1st in one of  the (two) Everest marathons in 2005, so is no stranger to trail running.

Tshering Lama, your race organiser!

>> See more Helambu running pictures here on Picasa.

Registration fee for foreigners is US$ 50. Those wanting to participate should contact Tshering at least 15 days in advance on +977 980 326 1695 or nlamatshering@hotmail.com. There is no website – this page is it! (now there is!)

There is also going to be a 3 km run for children. Adults could probably do that too as a warm up! He can arrange accommodation in the village for registered participants (direct payment to lodge owners).

You can easily get to the start in less than a day from Kathmandu (perhaps 5 hours) and you don’t need to worry about altitude. This is all well below 3000 m.

Should be a wonderful, low key, friendly race they likes of which you don’t see very often! The scenery is wonderful, the trails should be soft and enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to join in. Get in touch via our contact page if you want more information.

Key points:

  • Bus will leave from Kathmandu the day before, 22nd April. 8am from the Pasang Lamu statue near to Boudha. But entrants will be given details near the event when numbers are fixed.
  • Route: starts in Sermantang and follows the ridge jeep road to Melamchipul, then turns up the Melamchi Khola to Timbu. Then head up the hillside to Chimigyang then to finish in Sermantang.
  • Sweeper jeep will be following the race with first aider.

Race day:

  • 6am: marathon and half marathon starts
  • 10am: 5 km fun run starts
  • 12pm 1 pm: post-race lunch
  • 1pm: Cultural programme made by school students and villagers starts. Hyolmo culture. Prize distribution will be mingled in.
  • 4pm: close of the days activities followed by village bonfire in the evening
  • Entrants return to Kathmandu the following day at 8am

You can also sign up here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trail-Running-Nepal/167200059964073#!/event.php?eid=170540722998358

  1. Rob says:

    Sounds like a Fantastic Event – Mind you, for me just as a spectator – I found the trek hard enough to walk, let alone run 😉

    • thehalfhog says:

      If you can get hold of a helambu map, then you can follow the route from:
      Sermathang > Kakani > Melamchi > Talamarang > Mahankal > Timbhu, then up the hill to Chimigyang and finish at Sermathnang again.

  2. Tori says:

    Anyone doing the Helambu Marathon keen to stay out for another couple of days to run, wog (walk cum jog), explore and drink tea? Coming over from Dubai and wouldn't mind spending two more days in the mountains. If anyone is keen, let me know ….

  3. Kunsang says:

    It is a pleasure to hear that marathon is going to be held in order to in order to promote Tourism in Helambu (Hyolmo). According to the description on this site, the marathon route only touch one part of Helambu VDC which is Timbu and it will does not included rest of the other villages, which gives me a feeling that the organizers of the marathon have neglected the main parts of the Helambu villages (Please Correct me if my feeling is wrong). In my opinion instead of starting the marathon from Melamchim pool it would be much better to start from Timbu (Village Development Committee office) touching Dhapu Singe Jhong (cave of Melarepa), Nakote, Chheri ( oldest Temple of Hyolmo), Tarkeyghyang ( Monestery of meme Surya Singi and main entrance of Hyolmo Ama Yangri), Gorchaling, Gangyol…(best route to view whole Helambu clearly) to Sermathang… Instead of calling this event Helambu marathon it could also be better if we called it Hyolmo marathon with all the routes provided in the site.
    Best Wishes

  4. huseyin76 says:

    guys, please make available a google map for both marathon and half marathon routes. more info on the track also, like an elevation profile.

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