Some news in about the little known sport of long-distance road running in Nepal. As is often the case with short news reports, and especially in Nepal, it leaves you with more questions than answers. Why 20 hours, 20 minutes and 6 seconds exactly? And how is he raising awareness exactly? Where can I find out more too?

With the theme ‘Save the Himalayan Region’, long distance runner Sanjay Pandit is set to create awareness about global warming and climate change through a 200-km race from Jiri to Kathmandu.

Pandit aims to cover the distance in 20 hours 20 minutes and 6 seconds during the Republica Jiri to Kathmandu Race to be held on May 15 and 16.

Anyway, we wish the follow very good luck. What might be obvious to some, but isn’t really mentioned in the article is the fantastic number of hills on that road. It won’t be easy.

Read ‘Pandit to run from Jiri to Kathmandu’ on and read also about Lizzy Hawker’s run from Everest base Camp to Kathmandu via Jiri.

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