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DateRace nameDistance/StagesAltitude
Mar 3, 2018

Annapurna Base Camp

A minimum of 100k/60 miles in 11 stage(s)6,400m/21,000 ft of gain
Max. 4,500m/14,763ft
Mar 24, 2018

Buddhist Stupa to Stupa Trail Ultra Marathon

Single day race
53km in 1 stage(s)+/-2000m
Max. 2100m
Apr 14, 2018

Mustang Trail Race 2018

Multi-day / stage-races
~190km in 8 stage(s)+/-8200m
Max. ~4250m
Apr 20, 2018

Annapurna Ultra Mountain III by Raidlight

Ultra Trail
75 km in 1 stage(s)+1200 -5500m
Max. 4400
Apr 28, 2018

Nepal Ultratrail

Single day race
100 km in 1 stage(s)~4000
Max. 2600m
May 26, 2018

Langtang Circuit Fast Pack

186k/115mi in 12 stage(s)14,198m/46,581ft
Max. 5,130m/16,830 feet
May 29, 2018

Annapurna Mountain Marathon

Single day race
42 km in 1 stage(s)+1600m -4600m
Max. 4122m
Jun 23, 2018

Sindhupalchowk International trail race

Single day race
31km in 1 stage(s)1800m
Max. 1700m
Sep 15, 2018

Annapurna Circuit Fast Pack 2018 by HAL

228k/142.6miles in 10.5 stage(s)11,846m/38,863ft
Max. 5,405m/17,728ft
Oct 27, 2018

Annapurna 100 – 50 and 100 km ultras

Single day race
100 km in 1 stage(s)+5500
Max. 2800m
Nov 9, 2018

Annapurna Circuit Trail Run

236 km in 13 stage(s)~13,000m
Max. 5416
Nov 10, 2018

Manaslu Trail Race 2018

Multi-day / stage-races
130 km + 40 hike in 7 stage(s)8700m
Max. 4200m
May 11, 2020

Himal Race 2020 – Sagarmatha – Annapurna

Multi-day / stage-races
300 km in 24 stage(s)+/-18000m
Max. 5364m
  1. Jacqui Howard says:

    Hi, I will be in Nepal from 3-27th Nov and I was hoping to do some trail running in Kathmandu or outside if there are any events on. I am thinking about 3 hrs max per day. If you have anything suitable or can recommend a club/ guide that would be great.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Susan Nowell says:

    Hi! I am writing an article to feature a diverse group of international stage races and would love to learn more about your race. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.


    • Bruno says:

      Hi Everyone and Susan.

      We’re releasing Today the first virtual race that sync automatically the runs to create a final valid leaderboard. We have partenered with Oxfam Intermón and 100% of donations will go to them to support Nepal. After a few months we still need to collaborate.

      If you want to know further do not hesitate to contact us at bruno@runator.com


  3. Diana Penny Sherpani says:

    Can you include the (original) Everest Marathon on your Races in Nepal page? After all, we were the very first trail race to be organised in Nepal (since 1987)!
    Date Nov 27, 2017 (entries for race only not permitted)
    Race name Everest Marathon
    Distance/stages 42km in 1 stage
    Altitude 5184m – 3446m (max alt during trek 5623m)
    Website http://www.everestmarathon.org.uk
    Charity race supporting 6 Nepalese NGOs

    • thehalfhog says:

      No, just running long stages together (or at your own pace), carrying some/much of your equipment yourself.

  4. Raghubendra says:

    In Nepal, why only marathon run event is conducted from time to time.. Why not any other sorts of athletics events like short races, hurdles, high jump, throw events and so on. If events are conducted why there is no advertisement for it. Dont Nepal want to put their emerging athletes in front of world?

    i hope to get reply soon.
    Thank you.

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