You can also see this on Google Docs – Cost of plus two +2 education in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We were looking at the costs of sponsoring a runner to continue study in Kathmandu while training. Thanks to Just One‘s staff members for completing this estimate for us. Hope it is useful for you.

General ExpensesAmount(Rs)
Room Set Up Cost 30,000.00
Accommodation 36,000.00
Food 84,000.00
Clothing 6,000.00
Medical 4,000.00
Others 5,000.00
Total 165,000.00
Daily school costs
Tiffin Break 12,000.00
Transport 6,000.00
Uniform 7,000.00
Stationery 14,000.00
Total 39,000.00
Government school
Admission Fee8000300025002500
Monthly Fee9000450045004500
sub total17000750070007000
Private school
Admission Fee150001000080006000
Monthly Fee2000014400120009600
sub total35000244002000015600
Grand Total government 221,000.00 211,500.00 211,000.00 211,000.00
Grand Total private 239,000.00 228,400.00 224,000.00 219,600.00


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