This is going to be a lot of fun. A mixture events and activities for pros and beginners alike. Main features are the 50km trail running race, a spectacular downhill mountain biking race, cross country mountain biking race on a loop and a bunch of other things like rock climbing dyno-competition, reverse bungy jump and […]

December 2012 – end of an era! You may know Roger Henke. I first heard of him through his promotions of the Annapurna 100 in 2009 when it was a 70-ish km race and through these promotions is where I first discovered trail running. Roger worked hard for several years to make the Annapurna 100 […]

Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park. 18th January 2014.  Nepal placed 1st and 2nd beating an international field in the 4th Vibram® Hong Kong 100 trail running race held on Saturday 18th January. Tirtha Tamang and Bed Sunuwar of the Nepali Army Team took first and second place in the grueling 100km long Vibram […]

When you think of Nepal, perhaps you see images of the enormous snowy Himalayan peaks, buffalos grazing in fields, small villages with verdant terraced fields. It exists and is beautiful. Behind the mountains however in central Nepal lies Mustang, once known as the Forbidden Kingdom, closed to visitors until 1992. Since then it is open, […]

According to Jamie McGuinness, the trail from Tanggye to Chuksang in Upper Mustang is “Oh wow, one of the best trails anywhere in Nepal!” It starts with a river crossing followed by a direct and unrelenting 1200m climb. What follows is a ridge line with an easy trail that undulates gently but allows you to […]

The company GoSt-Barefoots send me a pair of their new shoes to test out. This is a new product in the category “barefoot” or “minimalist” shoes. This product is different from others like Vibram Five Finger shoes, because it’s hard to even call it a shoe. It’s more like a steel sock. Material The Paleos are made […]

18th February – Race result Straight to the point: Ryan Sandes/South Africa/9:54 Aite Tamang/Nepal/10:17 Bed Bahadur Sunuwar/Nepal/10:26 Those are the official results. Please disregard the below previously posted. Ryan Sandes – 9.45.57 – South Africa Aite Tamang – 10.17.15 – Nepal Bed Sunuwar – 10.46.36 – Nepal Two Nepali finishers in the top three of […]