The organisers of the Mustang Trail Race are shifting dates to the end of the autumn/fall season for their second race. The inaugural race was small with 12 competitors and proved an extremely enjoyable success with a unique mixture of manageable running distances at high altitudes, wonderful varied landscapes, rich Buddhist culture (the race checkpoints include Monasteries […]

Get your poles and compression socks ready for this fun multistage race around the lower reaches of Solukhumbu. Great scenery, nice wide trails, great village accommodation and a good European turn out should make for a good race. See and See also the Manaslu Trail Race around the same time.

Nepal is becoming popular!,  NovasHimalaya, S.L. is a spanish organization. ENGLISH, ANGLAISE, INGLES: ULTRA TRAIL NOVAS ANNAPURNA© UTNA Program’s summary, edition 2013: Location: high area Annapurna. Date: 29th October to 7th November (10 days). Distance: 139 km to go in 5 stages. Height: 820 meters minimum and 5416 meters maximum. Cumulative elevation: -4558, +6396, total 10954 meters. Temperatures: […]

Manaslu is becoming popular! This text below is translated by computer from Spanish. NovasHimalaya, S.L. is a Spanish organisation. If you were thinking of joining this, it would be good if you spoke some Spanish.   ENGLISH, ANGLAIS, INGLES ULTRA TRAIL NOVAS-MANASLU© UTNM Summary schedule 2013 Place: top of the Annapurna and Manaslu region. Date: 14-October […]

  Nepal is becoming popular!, NovasHimalaya, S.L. is a spanish organization. ENGLISH, ANGLAISE, INGLES: ULTRA TRAIL NOVAS-DOLPO© UTND Program’s summary, edition 2013: Location: high area Annapurna, high and lower area Dolpo. Dates: 29th October to 14th November (17 days). Distance: 373 km to go in 11 stages. Height: minimum 820 meters, maximum 5550 meters. Cumulative elevation: -15,589 […]